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Choosing Windows for your project

The problem with these types of windows is that they are not fire escape windows and therefore illegal. According to building regulations, “windows must provide an unobstructed opening of at least 0.33m² with a minimum dimension of 450mm in height or width.” In terms of the design, there should be a single side opening with a minimum frame width of 610mm. These are what the building regulations state. In addition, a 2-pane side opening window needs to have a minimum width of 595mm. There are many other things to look out for when choosing the right windows such as thermal efficiency and performance. In fact, your builder should be abreast with all these requirements and there should be able to install the recommended windows so you shouldn’t need to worry if you choose the right builder. Since April 2002, the government implemented new regulations surrounding replacement of glazing. The regulation states that anyone who installs replacement windows or doors has to comply with new the standards.

Eventually, I was able to convince my client of how important it is to adhere to the regulations. The appropriate windows to meet his demands as well as the guidelines were achieved. In a nutshell, your windows must meet the following criteria: Means of escape, Fire Safety, Thermal Heat Loss, Safety glazing, Ventilation. For more information go to and search for building regulations.

Ref: planning portal UK

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