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Everything you need to know about windows and doors

Windows and doors are such an important part of home improvement. Not only do they spruce up the external and internal spaces in a dramatic way, they provide essential function to our homes. When starting on the journey to explore options of replacing windows and doors, there are many things to consider.

When is the right time to change your windows and doors? What are the benefits? What are the options? This blog explores and answers these questions courtesy of Limitless Development Services, a leading house renovation specialist.

When should you consider changing your windows and doors?All windows will have a shelf life, while some will last as long as 25 years, if you have any of the following things happen then it’s time to get your windows/doors checked as you might need new ones if you windows are:

RottingLeakingCrackingChip holesDifficulty opening or closingA draft is coming in or poor sound proofing.

On some occasions, these may be able to be fixed instead of getting a complete new set of windows and doors. Perhaps you are not having any of those issues but want your home to look the best and the current style of the windows and doors are just not doing it for you.

What are the benefits of having new windows and doors?There are several benefits of having new windows and doors and we have listed some of the main ones below

1. Energy efficiency – Poor windows and doors or even windows that are not double glazed will let the heating out of the house resulting in higher energy bills so whilst the decision not to change your windows/doors when you have received your quote you may think you are saving money but this could be a false economy

2. Sound Proof – There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to peaceful and quiet surroundings. Having new windows and doors can help you achieve this

3. Security – Thieves are on the increase in the UK and the older your windows and doors are, the less security they may be able to provide. Having new windows and doors installed with security in mind can really add a layer of protection to your property

4. Add value to your home – If potential buyers know that you have had new windows and doors recently installed, they will likely be energy efficient and their bills will be lower which will appeal to the buyer.

5. The look – New windows and doors will give your home and instant uplift in look and really makes a home look much more modern and fresh

How much for replacement windows and doors?Windows and doors will probably cost more than you even expect, prices will vary but to give you an approximate estimate in London you will be looking around £500 per window (UPVC) and £1200 for a door. French doors approx. £1759 and bifold would start from £4000

What are the best windows and doors?There are pro’s and cons to the various windows and doors that are available. Watch our video here that discusses various options that are available and the pro’s and cons of them

What sort of company should you hire to change your windows and doors?Hire a windows replacement contractor to replace your windows. Research the contractor and check their reviews first as there can be many issues with installing new windows and doors if you do not choose the correct person to do it.

Why choose LBSC Limited for replacing your windows and doors?

We offer in-house design and manufacturing at our state of the art bespoke joinery workshop which means that we can cut out the middle man and go straight to design, measuring and fitout all under one roof. This can be offered as part of a full renovation or purely just to revamp your windows and doors. As we don’t have to rely on a middle man for the manufacturing, we are able to provide quick turnaround at the best prices with quality offerings.

ConclusionNew windows and doors can be energy efficient, add value, sound proof your home, increase value and look fantastic. They are costly though but well worth the investment. Choose your installer wisely though to avoid as many problems as possible.

If you are considering extending or refurbishing your home, check out LBSC Limited where we can help you plan your new space.

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