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Is it possible to add an extension or loft conversion to my home/flat in Edinburgh?

Updated: Jan 11

It all depends on what your home is like? It will be easier to extend a home which is detached than a lower ground floor flat, but it is still possible. Even if you are a leaseholder.

The first stage in planning is to confirm what your terms of lease is and if there are any restrictions on structural alterations, extensions and conversion of loft space etc. It is necessary to check that the garden belongs to you and is not for communal use before considering building an extension there. If you are unsure about anything mentioned within your terms of lease, get in contact with the freeholder for clarity.

Ground Floor Extension

It certainly can be possible to add an extension to your home, but you would need to obtain planning permission first.

If your home is in a conservation area you may need to apply for planning permission to demolish any existing structures before applying for planning permission to build any new structures. If you are in a listed building, then listed building consent will likely apply.

Loft Conversion

If you need to extend upwards and change the roof shape, then you will require planning permission to have a loft conversion in your top floor flat. If it is just internal works, planning permission may not be required.

There would need to be a party wall agreement if the works proposed in the loft or ground floor are relevant to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

The next stage would be to get a reputable architect to visit your home to measure and create drawings that can be submitted for planning approval.

If you would like to receive further information on creating more space within your home, contact LBSC Limited on 07751413519 or email

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