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Renovating a home - Where to Start?

Finding your Dream home

Finding your dream home for DIY remodels or building in the UK takes research - it’s important to understand building requirements based on where you search.

- In Scotland, constructions like new homes require approval of a full plans building regulations application before work begins.

- Planning permission is also required for substantial additions or alterations to an existing home in Scotland. Smaller projects like new windows may be covered under "permitted development rights".

- If undertaking major structural changes, using an architect familiar with Scotland building codes can ensure your plans meet regulations before applying for approvals. This prevents costly revisions down the line!

- Research zoning laws in the areas you’re searching. Conservation areas or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty may have additional restrictions on home construction or renovations.

The perfect property is out there but due diligence understanding Scotland’s building rules is key! Connect with LBSC Limited, if you need guidance navigating regulations for your home vision in Scotland,  Let's build your dream!

So, you have found the property you want

Searching for a home renovation project in Scotland? Look beyond cosmetics and focus on:

* Foundation - Any cracks or sinking issues?

*Walls - Check for dampness or structural issues.

*Roof - Age, leaks? May need re-slating or tiles.

* Electrics - Up to current Scotland wiring standards?

*Layout - Good potential or need major changes?

* Heating system - New boiler or upgrades needed?

For budgeting, factor in:

* Purchase price and taxes.

* Construction costs - materials, tradespeople.

* Design fees - architect familiar with Scottish building codes.

*Mortgage costs if not paying cash.

*Decoration costs.

*Contingency fund - for the unexpected!

With careful inspection and realistic budgeting for needed renovations, you can transform the right property into your Scottish dream home!

At LBSC Limited, we can help you make your renovation or new build a smooth process.

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