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Should I move house or extend my home in Edinburgh?

There are many reasons that you might find that your home is growing smaller for your family. You might have your children and grandchildren living with you or you might require extra room for office space. The first thought that usually arises is that you should consider moving to a more suitably spaced home.

Although this might seem like the first and obvious solution to your problem, it is always best to consider alternatives to avoid the amount of stress that comes with moving house. There will usually be a significant price increase from moving to your current space to a larger space, especially in Edinburgh. This doesn’t take into account the legal fees and stamp duty which will increase the price by tens of thousands of pounds.

The alternative would be to possibly extend your home, and in the process costing less and potentially earning you more. A home extension costs around £70,000 on average. The space created can be used to create an open plan living/kitchen/diner, an extra bedroom or bathroom or an office.

There is no one extension solution for all houses, and therefore it is best to have an expert architect asses your home and advise on the best option for you. They will take into account your space availability and your budget.

The average home extension takes around 10 weeks to complete. You may have to get planning permission and party wall agreements arranged before you start.

There are many pros for a home extension, including that you can create your new space exactly as you desire, and you can add significant value to your home which can help for your future investment within your home. You will have the extra space that you require.

If you are interested in extending your home, do not delay and contact LBSC Limited if you are in Edinburgh and the Lothians and let one of our experts advise what you can do with your home.

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