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Loft Conversion Ideas: Clever Solutions For Your Home

A loft conversion is a great way to add space and transform your home in Edinburgh and the Lothians. They are a great way to add more space without extending and usually more cost effective. If you have decided that a loft conversion is perfect for your home, then this blog is here to give you ideas of how best to use your new additional space.

1. Office

Our most popular request and reason behind extra space this year is due to the necessity to work from home in 2020. Many of us hadn’t previously worked from home and had a dedicated office place to attend. However as the need to work from home grows, it is important to create a dedicated office space at home where you can close the door and concentrate. Therefore the most obvious choice of 2020 would be to create a loft office.

2. A master bedroom with en-suite

It is a dream for growing families to have their own space and privacy of their own floor within a home. It alleviates the stress of sharing limited bathrooms within the home and also gives the option to provide the whole floor as a guest room for any friends/family that might visit.

3. Studio

Always dreamed of pursuing your craft of painting, knitting or music at home but never had the space? The loft is an ideal place to tuck yourself cosily away and immerse yourself in your craft.

4. Back to front living  

Dependant on the way your household is run you may need a separate living area from others in the house. Or perhaps you run a business like a hair salon downstairs in your home. Having a living room in your loft conversion can give you the space and privacy you need to wind down after a long day at work.  

5. Playroom  

Growing families usually mean that children require a place of their own where they can enjoy themselves, and a loft conversion would be ideal for this. Set up for younger children as a place where they can have all their toys, or create an older child’s room with video gaming and perhaps a football table!

6. Cinema Room

The space a loft conversion creates is ample for a decent cinema room. An exciting place to spend the weekend with large comfy sofas, a huge TV screen and bla cked out blinds to create a perfect ambience for being at the cinema.

LBSC Limited has extensive experience and specialise in creating beautiful loft conversions in Edinburgh. Get in touch if this is something you are interested in creating for your own home.

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